• X-Rays

If needed (or at patient request), we can take one or more x-rays.



  • Exam

New Patient Exam – all new patients require an exam.

Specific exam – used to determine issues or pain.

Recall Exam – full TMJ and periodontal exam.*

*R/C Exam usually followed by scaling and polishing.



  • Scaling and Root Planing

Using hand scaling, root planing, and electric scaling (Cavitron), we can remove even the toughest staining and build up from your teeth, while renewing your smile to be happy and healthy.



  • Check-Up and Cleaning (Recall)

Using scaling, polishing, and electric scaling, we can remove staining and build up while renewing your smile to be happy and healthy. In addition, we may preform a R/C exam as well as take x-rays.



  • Restorative

Using white composite fillings we can repair broken and chipped teeth, remove cavities and decay, and restore your happy and healthy smile.



  • Extraction (EXO)

We do not use sedation in this office.
We use local anesthetic to preform extraction of one or more teeth.
Please book an exam prior to EXO.



Cost varies depending on procedure and dental coverage.

(if applicable)